Fullarton Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Pre Admission

You should bring casual day clothing, comfortable shoes, night attire and personal items. In addition please ensure you have your Medicare, Pension, Veteran Affairs, Chemist (if you are entitled to any concessions for pharmaceutical medicine you must present your card on admission to receive the concessions) and Health Fund Membership card/s (as applicable). Please bring any current medication with you.


As facilities for the safe keeping of valuables are very limited, we request that you do not bring jewellery and other valuables with you. However if this is unavoidable they may be stored in a locked cupboard. Please do not leave valuables in your room.

Hospital Account

We advise patients to check their private health insurance cover prior to admission and please ensure their health fund card is bought in upon admission. Patients who are not fully covered by their health fund will be given a weekly invoice, with the requirement that full payment be made prior to discharge. Patients who are uninsured will be required to pay seven days hospitalisation on admission and thereafter seven days in advance.

Patients claiming from WorkCover or Compensation Company are required to provide details of their claim and will be responsible for payment of that account if the claim has not been determined at the time of admission. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our account staff or Office Supervisor during office hours.